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Educational Consultant/Professional Development



  • Children
  • Training for Parents- teach parents how to advocate for students with all educational needs, showing what to look for and what to avoid
  • Expert Witness- serves as an expert witness on classroom management/leadership court cases 


  • Preschool Programming- Assist in helping making the best possible option for your child; and or assist in assessing the success of the program your child is already attending.
  • School Readiness- assess the readiness for beginning school


with Parents

  • Homework- teach parents homework method and tips to help their student tackle the hard subject
  • School Planning- assist in choosing an educational institution public or private based on your students needs

Professional Development 

  • Leadership -vs- Management: Promoting Your Staff Beyond Their Current Job Position
  • Cultivating A Culture Of Learning
  • What Type Of Leader Are You?
  • Group/Classroom Management Through Behavior Management
  • What’s Their Learning Style?


  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Education 
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